Friday, 30 December 2011

Baju is Ready :)

Wehuuuu excited sbb:

Reception dress for bertandang (myself and him) are ready, so yest da pegi fitting baju...n sgt suka! it just minor alteration for him, sbb katanya seluar nmpak mcm senteng..n mine nk tambah beading..dateline by 6th Jan..yeayyyyy x sbr nk tgk outcome!

And ptg ni after work, nak pegi kedai utk book make up n tnya pelamin if its within our budget..if not mayb amik make up je kut..

Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Blog Bersawang

Aha! almost 2 months blog ni x update..angan2 nak story mory psl wedding preparation pn habuk xde..

Tapi alhamdullilah, majlis berjalan lancar eventhough heavy raining all the way..Of course ada a few things yang x berapa nak best (which I expected) from the beginning..but again da lepas da...And now I am preparing for majlis at his side..Not very much prep pn since his parent take care almost everything..And event pun simple je..Xde sanding2 pun..only for makan2..

For majlis at his side, we all pakai baju yg simple2 je..hehehe..he will wear baju melayu sbb die mmg xnak pakai baju2 pengantin first I thought nak sewa je baju..but then since he already tempah his baju melayu then I pun beli kain pasang utk buat baju kurung moden..only simple kurung moden with lace..kang klw sewa baju color x matching pulak..Luckily we have our own tailor, been loyal to the tailor since my engagement dress last year..We tempah baju a week before my event @13/12 and baju expected to be ready on end of Dec..OK lah tu kn..heeee..After fitting then baru boleh buat beading..pun wif the same tailor..

Thursday, 22 September 2011

Weather oh Weather

Adoiii, mmg x tau la nk mengamuk ke apa..ku sangka panas hingga ke ptg, rupanya hujan lebat di pagi hari..!

My scheduled photoshoot ended up a bit stressful..If update previously hati berbunga2 je kn, (yelah sbb nk amik gamba) tp tulah kuasa Allah namanya, padahal this week hujan biasa ptg, but on that day hujan turun dengan selebat- lebatnya...Mmg rasa nk menangis bila G. i Photoshoot ckp in most cases i.e. heavy raining, they will not drag the session, customer will cancel n redeem back e voucher or replace wif studio photoshoot...

45min passed by we only sat in the car praying for miracle to be happened...bengang bkn sbb weather sgt pn.. tp sbb da make up, pastu amik cuti for this..rasanya alternative solution yg photographer suggest tu mcm lame gila! I guessed thats e reason I waited for 45min in the car juz want to see how they deal with this..Aku mmg da pissed off gila da time tu...

Suddenly, Izwan (the photographer) suggested to shoot at Keretapi Tanah Melayu (KTM).. well nk buat outdoor mmg x boleh, to find another venue mmg x dpt lah sbb last we decided to go wif the flow...pose la depan2 org ramai kt KTM..luckily it was weekday so not many people around...dptla amik a few tgk je lah hasilnya nnti..Mana la tau kn sbb pakai kamera mahal jd cantik pulak pic2 tu..hahahaha, OK toksah BERANGAN!


Thursday, 15 September 2011

Pre Wedding Photoshoot- Update

This coming Mon I've booked my slot for pre- wedding photoshoot with G. i Photoshoot.. (the voucher from Groupon). Honestly, I don't have any idea on what to wear, what's the theme..but the venue will be at Taman Tasik Perdana. Why? because it juz 15-20mins time from our home & shooting will b start at 9am for 2 hours..Secondly, we are simple & kind of laid back couple, if we our self  x pandai pose then the surrounding nature will be our life saver! green nature, pokok2, rumput2 always look perfect in the photo kan?hehehe

I intentionally booked at 9am, he also agreed (in fact he's e one suggested), because weather is uncertain lately esp in the afternoon hujan kilat sabung menyabung :P. Beside, I've to rush for HIV test at e afternoon, see...? semua buat last min... :(

If shoot pagi2, the sun kan tgh lawa time tu, mcm baru nak naik kan..pastu pagi kn fresh je.. Ermmm no need to cerita panjang2 we'll see the outcome ye nnti.. (dear weather, pls be nice to us!)

Taman Tasek Perdana

Saturday, 13 August 2011

Our Baju Nikah Is Ready!

This morning I smsed Kak Siti, tailor yg buat our baju nikah..Actually bukan nk tnya psl baju nikah pun, because our event will be in Dec n she promised early Nov baju are ready..I nak tnya psl baju kurung moden coz I also ordered a few kebaya + kurung moden (utk pakai saja2) which I hantar together..

Then she called, she said all baju are ready include our baju nikah..BESTnya!!! Only to jahit butang je.. But I will collect after 24th la kut since x gaji lg..hehehe..At least less things to worry bout e prep..Fuhhhh

Friday, 12 August 2011

Wedding Theme

Pecaya x? i havent decided my wedding date, it supposed in December this year, and now already 4 months left..And I dun even prepare anything pun...There's too many things inside my head..Hopefully after Raya I can sorted out everything. Nak update blog pun x sempat.. Beside, I dun have anything to update since ZERO preparation. A few to do list that I considered a VIP one:

Wedding date: TBC with parent, balik raya ni nk discuss
Urusan doc. Pejabat Agama + HIV test: end of September
Survey Butik Kawen: this raya nk g survey semua yg ada kt Kluang, discuss pelamin + baju..kedai bukak kah?...erkkk
Photographer: did some survey, has communicated with 1 potential photographer, need to confirm with him. Pre wedding with G.i Photoshoot which I x confirm date lg bila nk shoot..Teruk betul!
Door gift: still thinking what to give, but will do on my own..gila byk nk buat sendiri...erkkkk
Catering: parent will decide
Invitation card: da tempah juz waiting for the details from our side..n to give them layout for bunting..

I realize what I like abut blog is the fact that I can easily get useful info, review, wedding idea & tips from b2b bloggers (at e moment, b2b bloggers are my frequent visit) ...SUKA..hehe. And through Nur I got my wedding color theme. She brings me to The Perfect Pallette . Suka la this blog sbb tebukak skit minda n tgk memacam color..LAWA!

And here we go MY WEDDING THEME :) yeahhh!!

I prefer bright pink/fuschia/purple n combination with soft palette. I asked him yest then dia kata xnak pink2 sbb girlie sgt..die prefer purple..So i pictured something like this :)

While his side maybe turqoise blue/aqua/ light green (hahaha berangan, kot mak dia ada theme sendiri?)...

Oh our baju nikah pulak grey, n I want  for our solemnization day to be surrounded with these colors..hantaran of course!

for him

for me

Sunday, 24 July 2011

Pre Wedding Photoshoot

I have purchased 1 voucher of outdoor photography with G.i Photoshoot at Groupon Malaysia. The deal was 80% off worth RM100 from e actual price of RM500. Ada juga a few photography services yg buat promotion during that period, but I have decided to have G.i Photoshoot. Why G.i Photoshot? Simple answer would be..i luv their artwork.. simple yet superb! clients also overwhelming! You can check their artwork here

For RM100 I got these:
2 hours outdoor photography
DVD of 30 edited pictures & raw pictures (ermmm oklah tu kan with RM100 ;)

I am thinking to use this voucher for pre wedding. But no idea of the outdoor concept/ theme in mind..For me, i like simple outdoor more to nature kind thingy..nak cari tempat pulak..thinking of bring the prop, tapi Ya Allah malas yang amat nak DIY..worst come to worst i pose jelah..ape dehal..hahaha

And 1 more thing voucher valid till Sept 22, all the weekend slots are fully booked.. So I need to do it during weekdays. Again I secured for a new job in Aug so it wont be that easy to apply leave..Adoiii..Next month da Ramadhan..ermmm only left 2 months before the voucher expired..Night shoot?What do u think?

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Weekend Getaway: Paya Indah Wetlands

Initially,  I've planned to visit Paya Indah Wetlands in early March, but only found out it was closed for renovation. Last Sunday as early as at 730am, we sent off my fiance's family to airport, leave airport around 9am we decided to drop by at Paya Indah Wetland. We just try our luck!..Yeayyyy it's open..Only a few families visible plus a few school kids for Alam Sekitar Programme I guessed.

We spent almost 4 hours there and managed to see hippo and crocs..Errrmm as fas as I can remember I've seen hippo in real @zoo negara but not this close!!! We can feed them as nearer as we can (well, if you brave enough)..They looks very tame tho.. If you dont want to miss them, be there for their feeding time around 10-10.30am. If lepas waktu tu x dapat la tgk hippo sbb pastu dia berendam sehari suntuk kt dlm tasik tu..da x kluar2 da..

After that, we stopped by at kolam buaya.. I made a count.. about7 of them waiting to be fed..Maybe more! Their feeding time around 11am-11.30am..

We were thinking to climb up to Menara Tinjau, tapi sgt letih so we decided maybe next time..You can see birds (but binoculars were not provided) and beautiful scenery up from there. Don't forget to enjoy the beautiful lotus (bunga teratai) at the pond.. A  lot more animals like kuda, kura- kura, burung kakak tua, landak as what other bloggers said. They have museum & info centre near the registration area. You should see it yourself :) I x sempat visit semua..

This place offers many recreational activities i.e. fishing, jungle tracking, cycling, kayaking,   picnicking, barbeque and suitable for jungle tracking/ team building too!! There's also a chalet if you considered overnight..Or you can choose camping... Or just lepak at the spacious family park.

You can get lovely pixs here esp for nature lovers. For b2b who reside around Putrajaya/ Cyberjaya or within radius, you can consider this as your ideal outdoor spot. Well, orang pun x ramai so kalau nk beriya pose xde la malu you can drive your own car around, so x penat jalan kaki! x berpeluh..make up pun x cair kut..

Do not expect much since its free and it still under renovation because area like Laman Fauna and Menara Tinjau were closed..Still I hope the relevant authorities will intensify their marketing strategies, this swamp has a lot of potential to offer! Will come again in future, definitely!

How to get there?
From Kuala Lumpur, heading towards Putrajaya- Cyberjaya- Dengkil. Its near to Pekan Dengkil, from there its about 6km, turn right to Paya Indah, you will see PLKN camp first and then you will see Paya Indah Wetlands entrance.

Operation Hours:
Everyday 7.30am-7.00pm
Entrance fee:
Its free :) Prior registration required, simple maps & info will be given.

Sunday, 26 June 2011

Festival Pengantin, 1st- 3rd July 2011

All b2b out there, there will be Festival Pengantin organized by Dirich Vision Sdn Bhd.
Date: 1st- 3rd July 2011
Venue: Stadium Melawati Shah Alam
Further info you can go to this link

Thursday, 16 June 2011

Widget Index

I found out Widget Index, a collection of cute Islamic, animation, anime and a lot more fun character widgets!! and its FREE!!
Each widget came with each html code. All you need to do is juz copy and paste at your blog..simple kan?For Wordpress users pun bole.. They also provide guide to change the widget size & position. U can even hv ur own from only RM20!! nice kan?
Those yg suka cute2 widget, u all can go and grab urs from Widget Index
Mine, I grabbed  2 cute widgets for "welcome widget" + "time widget"... Tgkla penguin tu! comel okay! :)

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Shoe Give Away Contest by: Absolutelygorgeous By Amy

Masa tgh blogwalking yest, nampak give away contest from Absolutelygorgeous By Amy ..the contest is about your dream shoes. Terms & conditions for entries pun very simple..

Cara penyertaan :
1. Ceritakan kepada kami kasut impian anda di blog ataupun di facebook.
- Anda boleh melakar(sketch) sendiri kasut impian anda.
- Anda boleh mencari kasut impian anda dengan cara men'google'.

2. Ceritakan mengapa anda memilih kasut impian tersebut?**done

3. Anda perlu link blog Absolutelygorgeous By Amy( di blog anda.**done
(jika tiada blog, anda boleh membuat Notes di Facebook)

4. Anda perlu menjadi sebahagian daripada kami iaitu perlulah LIKE di Absolutelygorgeous By Amy fan page.**done

4. Email kepada kami link entri atau Notes tersebut ke

Syarat-syarat penyertaan :
1. Terbuka kepada semua warganegara Malaysia.
2. Penyertaan bermula pada 14 Mei 2011 sehingga 15 Jun 2011.
3. Keputusan akan diumumkan melalui Facebook, dan juga email.

I want a dream shoes that would be perfect for my wedding. So I've decided to give a try..Eh da nak due date da rupanya!
Since am not gud in sketching, I’ve started googling...

The design:
 A covered platformed based with open toe shoe design with 3” heel. Basically the design would be something like this:

I prefer something wearable so that I can move here and there comfortably during my wedding day. We will spend almost 4 - 5 hours with shoes on feet not to include outdoor session shoot! So wearing a comfortable one is a must!  For the heel, I am not that tall, so 3” heel I guessed it would be perfect for me.

The material:
The most basic part of the shoes will be covered by ivory white satin. It would be attractive if I can have  a shocking pink lace embellished at the back of the shoes. While the crystal detailing at the peep toe make it looks elegant.. 

The color:
I choose ivory white since it shows purity and the sacred concept of the wedding itself. The shocking pink lace show the romantic love is in the air...heeeee plus my wedding dress  might be in that color too. Personally, I think white + shocking pink  always blends together! Da bole imagine da skit2 cana nanti... :)

The overall look of the shoes:
It should be classic look, yet elegant not only visually! but bring a sense of femininity and confidence in me during my wedding day.

Hehehe, Cik Amy, thats the story of my wedding shoes that I can imagine so far..

Monday, 13 June 2011

Jom singgah Pameran Pengantin!

To all B2B out there, jom singgah Pameran Pengantin Malaysia..event will be on July 8th-10th 2011 at PICC..Ada online contest and hadiah2 dia pun best jugak. This time, event will be featuring main decorator: Nas Great Idea & official make up artis: Beauty Touch of Sue Hashim

Further info of online contest click here..Don't miss it out okay ;)

Btw, I have created "Event" under "You Might Find It Useful" page. If i tanak tulis panjang2 i post event kat sini la kut. All the B2B events plus yang bukan B2B events pun will be updated here :)

Date: 8th-10th July 2011
Time: 10am-10pm
Venue: Putrajaya International Convention Centre (PICC)
Organizer: Urban Vibe Event
FB: Pameran Pengantin Malaysia

Sunday, 12 June 2011


Fasting month almost come. I am in the midst of puasa ganti. Hopefully I can finished it off by next week. InsyaAllah... Its my 3rd day of puasa ganti since last Thurs.

Btw am still doing e survey and I came with the cute, edge yet affordable idea after days of surveying for door gifts... but plus minus the total cost would b around <RM1.5k gak..I will try to cut it down to 1k or smart enough with RM800..

Personally I think spending on expensive bags/boxes will a bit membazir..Dont u think? Because at the end they just throw it away, same goes to wedding card! Well going with the strict budget, DIY always a smart choice! But not for wedding cards, am not that creative enough tho to design my own! Again, DIY need your patience plus creativity not to mention time consuming too! Not to worry so many sources i.e. magazine, sites & blogs of DIY or maybe you can be creative in your own way.

Okay, let stop here, I will update the favor gift/door gifts blogs and sites soon. Trust me, they all have very unique and lovely favor/door gifts idea!

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Baju Nikah

Yest I had tempah my baju nikah, malas nak cari tailor lain since I felt comfortable wearing her jahitan. Also settle his baju melayu and my stok kain2 nan (x3) yg x tempah lagi, so hantar semua sekali...heeee At first, I am thinking design like long dress, like this:
simple & nice kan?

 Or like this:

merahnya mak ngah! heeee ignore the color ya, i love e design

Finally I decided with something like this:
(with a simple modification of the skirt, kebaya design & detailing at the neck..ermmm, hopefully it turn out nice..HOPEFULLY!)..

**All the lovely design are quoted from Majalah Pesona Pengantin from Dec 10 & Jan 11 issues featured dresses from Butik Pengantin Idaman Jelita and HM Bridal.

Monday, 6 June 2011

Baju Nikah

Hehehehe..tomorrow he will cancel his jogging routine and we will go to tempah our baju nikah. No design in mind so far, but I saw a few lovely design at Majalah Pengantin..nvm I'll bring along when I see Kak Yati, let's see if she can tailor one for me!


Well most of my time recently, I spent with doing survey..Precisely, its a bride to be survey, InsyaAllah it will be in December 2011. At the same time, I am trying to organize wedding check list for my blog. Hopefully it helps. Its kind interesting to explore so many sites and blogs!!!


I am not sure what to put for my 1st post at this blog. But seeing many bloggers with their interactive blog i think i should have one! :) Well, we'll see how far it goes ya!