Sunday, 24 July 2011

Pre Wedding Photoshoot

I have purchased 1 voucher of outdoor photography with G.i Photoshoot at Groupon Malaysia. The deal was 80% off worth RM100 from e actual price of RM500. Ada juga a few photography services yg buat promotion during that period, but I have decided to have G.i Photoshoot. Why G.i Photoshot? Simple answer would be..i luv their artwork.. simple yet superb! clients also overwhelming! You can check their artwork here

For RM100 I got these:
2 hours outdoor photography
DVD of 30 edited pictures & raw pictures (ermmm oklah tu kan with RM100 ;)

I am thinking to use this voucher for pre wedding. But no idea of the outdoor concept/ theme in mind..For me, i like simple outdoor more to nature kind thingy..nak cari tempat pulak..thinking of bring the prop, tapi Ya Allah malas yang amat nak DIY..worst come to worst i pose jelah..ape dehal..hahaha

And 1 more thing voucher valid till Sept 22, all the weekend slots are fully booked.. So I need to do it during weekdays. Again I secured for a new job in Aug so it wont be that easy to apply leave..Adoiii..Next month da Ramadhan..ermmm only left 2 months before the voucher expired..Night shoot?What do u think?

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Weekend Getaway: Paya Indah Wetlands

Initially,  I've planned to visit Paya Indah Wetlands in early March, but only found out it was closed for renovation. Last Sunday as early as at 730am, we sent off my fiance's family to airport, leave airport around 9am we decided to drop by at Paya Indah Wetland. We just try our luck!..Yeayyyy it's open..Only a few families visible plus a few school kids for Alam Sekitar Programme I guessed.

We spent almost 4 hours there and managed to see hippo and crocs..Errrmm as fas as I can remember I've seen hippo in real @zoo negara but not this close!!! We can feed them as nearer as we can (well, if you brave enough)..They looks very tame tho.. If you dont want to miss them, be there for their feeding time around 10-10.30am. If lepas waktu tu x dapat la tgk hippo sbb pastu dia berendam sehari suntuk kt dlm tasik tu..da x kluar2 da..

After that, we stopped by at kolam buaya.. I made a count.. about7 of them waiting to be fed..Maybe more! Their feeding time around 11am-11.30am..

We were thinking to climb up to Menara Tinjau, tapi sgt letih so we decided maybe next time..You can see birds (but binoculars were not provided) and beautiful scenery up from there. Don't forget to enjoy the beautiful lotus (bunga teratai) at the pond.. A  lot more animals like kuda, kura- kura, burung kakak tua, landak as what other bloggers said. They have museum & info centre near the registration area. You should see it yourself :) I x sempat visit semua..

This place offers many recreational activities i.e. fishing, jungle tracking, cycling, kayaking,   picnicking, barbeque and suitable for jungle tracking/ team building too!! There's also a chalet if you considered overnight..Or you can choose camping... Or just lepak at the spacious family park.

You can get lovely pixs here esp for nature lovers. For b2b who reside around Putrajaya/ Cyberjaya or within radius, you can consider this as your ideal outdoor spot. Well, orang pun x ramai so kalau nk beriya pose xde la malu you can drive your own car around, so x penat jalan kaki! x berpeluh..make up pun x cair kut..

Do not expect much since its free and it still under renovation because area like Laman Fauna and Menara Tinjau were closed..Still I hope the relevant authorities will intensify their marketing strategies, this swamp has a lot of potential to offer! Will come again in future, definitely!

How to get there?
From Kuala Lumpur, heading towards Putrajaya- Cyberjaya- Dengkil. Its near to Pekan Dengkil, from there its about 6km, turn right to Paya Indah, you will see PLKN camp first and then you will see Paya Indah Wetlands entrance.

Operation Hours:
Everyday 7.30am-7.00pm
Entrance fee:
Its free :) Prior registration required, simple maps & info will be given.