Thursday, 22 September 2011

Weather oh Weather

Adoiii, mmg x tau la nk mengamuk ke apa..ku sangka panas hingga ke ptg, rupanya hujan lebat di pagi hari..!

My scheduled photoshoot ended up a bit stressful..If update previously hati berbunga2 je kn, (yelah sbb nk amik gamba) tp tulah kuasa Allah namanya, padahal this week hujan biasa ptg, but on that day hujan turun dengan selebat- lebatnya...Mmg rasa nk menangis bila G. i Photoshoot ckp in most cases i.e. heavy raining, they will not drag the session, customer will cancel n redeem back e voucher or replace wif studio photoshoot...

45min passed by we only sat in the car praying for miracle to be happened...bengang bkn sbb weather sgt pn.. tp sbb da make up, pastu amik cuti for this..rasanya alternative solution yg photographer suggest tu mcm lame gila! I guessed thats e reason I waited for 45min in the car juz want to see how they deal with this..Aku mmg da pissed off gila da time tu...

Suddenly, Izwan (the photographer) suggested to shoot at Keretapi Tanah Melayu (KTM).. well nk buat outdoor mmg x boleh, to find another venue mmg x dpt lah sbb last we decided to go wif the flow...pose la depan2 org ramai kt KTM..luckily it was weekday so not many people around...dptla amik a few tgk je lah hasilnya nnti..Mana la tau kn sbb pakai kamera mahal jd cantik pulak pic2 tu..hahahaha, OK toksah BERANGAN!


Thursday, 15 September 2011

Pre Wedding Photoshoot- Update

This coming Mon I've booked my slot for pre- wedding photoshoot with G. i Photoshoot.. (the voucher from Groupon). Honestly, I don't have any idea on what to wear, what's the theme..but the venue will be at Taman Tasik Perdana. Why? because it juz 15-20mins time from our home & shooting will b start at 9am for 2 hours..Secondly, we are simple & kind of laid back couple, if we our self  x pandai pose then the surrounding nature will be our life saver! green nature, pokok2, rumput2 always look perfect in the photo kan?hehehe

I intentionally booked at 9am, he also agreed (in fact he's e one suggested), because weather is uncertain lately esp in the afternoon hujan kilat sabung menyabung :P. Beside, I've to rush for HIV test at e afternoon, see...? semua buat last min... :(

If shoot pagi2, the sun kan tgh lawa time tu, mcm baru nak naik kan..pastu pagi kn fresh je.. Ermmm no need to cerita panjang2 we'll see the outcome ye nnti.. (dear weather, pls be nice to us!)

Taman Tasek Perdana