Friday, 30 December 2011

Baju is Ready :)

Wehuuuu excited sbb:

Reception dress for bertandang (myself and him) are ready, so yest da pegi fitting baju...n sgt suka! it just minor alteration for him, sbb katanya seluar nmpak mcm senteng..n mine nk tambah beading..dateline by 6th Jan..yeayyyyy x sbr nk tgk outcome!

And ptg ni after work, nak pegi kedai utk book make up n tnya pelamin if its within our budget..if not mayb amik make up je kut..

Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Blog Bersawang

Aha! almost 2 months blog ni x update..angan2 nak story mory psl wedding preparation pn habuk xde..

Tapi alhamdullilah, majlis berjalan lancar eventhough heavy raining all the way..Of course ada a few things yang x berapa nak best (which I expected) from the beginning..but again da lepas da...And now I am preparing for majlis at his side..Not very much prep pn since his parent take care almost everything..And event pun simple je..Xde sanding2 pun..only for makan2..

For majlis at his side, we all pakai baju yg simple2 je..hehehe..he will wear baju melayu sbb die mmg xnak pakai baju2 pengantin first I thought nak sewa je baju..but then since he already tempah his baju melayu then I pun beli kain pasang utk buat baju kurung moden..only simple kurung moden with lace..kang klw sewa baju color x matching pulak..Luckily we have our own tailor, been loyal to the tailor since my engagement dress last year..We tempah baju a week before my event @13/12 and baju expected to be ready on end of Dec..OK lah tu kn..heeee..After fitting then baru boleh buat beading..pun wif the same tailor..