Wedding Check List

Wedding Details
Solemnization Date: Dec 2011 17 December 2011
Reception Date: Dec 2011 17 December 2011
Groom's Reception Date: 14 Jan 2012

Here you go the checklist, this list based on whatever came across at my mind plus my reading sources:
1. Event Organizer done
2. Wedding Dress done
3. Wedding Ring (done last week)
4. MUA done
5. Hantaran (need to think for both sides)
6. Door Gift/ Bunga Telur etc
7. Catering (fuhhh!! large part o budget will b spend on this) done, waiting for quotation
8. Canopy, no need since will rent only kerusi & meja
9. Wedding Cake
10. Photographer/ Videographer done my side, waiting for his
11. Pelamin done
12. Guest List (done my part, waiting his)
13. Wedding Card done will ready by early Nov 2011
14. Kursus Kahwin/ Jabatan Agama Islam Documentation/ HIV Test (ishhhh this one should come 1st in e list) done all
15. Booking Dewan done need to pay deposit for groom's side
16. Accommodation (groom's side) 
17. Goodies bag & stuffs