Thursday, 19 January 2012

Alhamdullilah! settle Majlis Bertandang at His Side..

Alhamdullilah, settle sudah majlis bertandang at his side. Entah kenapa for this time around I felt happy & satisfied. Maybe because I was surrounded with people I loved (family & friends).. most friends turned out here not at mine @ Mersing. Maybe I got my dream color (blue turquoise) at his side? Plus weather was very nice to us!Pastu ada pelamin kut...hahaha

Like I mentioned before, there will be no pelamin due to budget constraint, luckily at the very last minute, 3 days before the event, my make up artist (Kak Mimie), offered me a very good deal which is inevitable..(erkkk sesuai ke guna word tu..hahaha). I discussed with him and without hesitate terus sealed the deal with her..On Wednesday, we discussed how the pelamin would be like, only a simple one and theme would be blue turquoise.

And pelamin turned out very nice. We all bersanding about 10-15min mcm tu je, xde merenjis pun..Pelamin was fully used for photography purposes! I like!!!

I like Kak Mimie service & love so much the make up! Nampak natural n sgt kemas je :) (for me la, org lain I x tau :p) Beside, I suka simple2 je xde crown bagai pun even rambut just groomed into simple sanggul supaya nampak kemas :) She make up I guesedd around 30-45min kut or less..Cepat je kan? Even the make up rasa very light je..If pics ready from photog I upload kat sini nanti :)

Bila sesekali bukak blog ni, then I noticed ada a few followers kt blog yg x seberapa ni..hehehe...thanks uolss..Nanti sy add ur link..