Saturday, 13 August 2011

Our Baju Nikah Is Ready!

This morning I smsed Kak Siti, tailor yg buat our baju nikah..Actually bukan nk tnya psl baju nikah pun, because our event will be in Dec n she promised early Nov baju are ready..I nak tnya psl baju kurung moden coz I also ordered a few kebaya + kurung moden (utk pakai saja2) which I hantar together..

Then she called, she said all baju are ready include our baju nikah..BESTnya!!! Only to jahit butang je.. But I will collect after 24th la kut since x gaji lg..hehehe..At least less things to worry bout e prep..Fuhhhh

Friday, 12 August 2011

Wedding Theme

Pecaya x? i havent decided my wedding date, it supposed in December this year, and now already 4 months left..And I dun even prepare anything pun...There's too many things inside my head..Hopefully after Raya I can sorted out everything. Nak update blog pun x sempat.. Beside, I dun have anything to update since ZERO preparation. A few to do list that I considered a VIP one:

Wedding date: TBC with parent, balik raya ni nk discuss
Urusan doc. Pejabat Agama + HIV test: end of September
Survey Butik Kawen: this raya nk g survey semua yg ada kt Kluang, discuss pelamin + baju..kedai bukak kah?...erkkk
Photographer: did some survey, has communicated with 1 potential photographer, need to confirm with him. Pre wedding with G.i Photoshoot which I x confirm date lg bila nk shoot..Teruk betul!
Door gift: still thinking what to give, but will do on my own..gila byk nk buat sendiri...erkkkk
Catering: parent will decide
Invitation card: da tempah juz waiting for the details from our side..n to give them layout for bunting..

I realize what I like abut blog is the fact that I can easily get useful info, review, wedding idea & tips from b2b bloggers (at e moment, b2b bloggers are my frequent visit) ...SUKA..hehe. And through Nur I got my wedding color theme. She brings me to The Perfect Pallette . Suka la this blog sbb tebukak skit minda n tgk memacam color..LAWA!

And here we go MY WEDDING THEME :) yeahhh!!

I prefer bright pink/fuschia/purple n combination with soft palette. I asked him yest then dia kata xnak pink2 sbb girlie sgt..die prefer purple..So i pictured something like this :)

While his side maybe turqoise blue/aqua/ light green (hahaha berangan, kot mak dia ada theme sendiri?)...

Oh our baju nikah pulak grey, n I want  for our solemnization day to be surrounded with these colors..hantaran of course!

for him

for me