Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Shoe Give Away Contest by: Absolutelygorgeous By Amy

Masa tgh blogwalking yest, nampak give away contest from Absolutelygorgeous By Amy ..the contest is about your dream shoes. Terms & conditions for entries pun very simple..

Cara penyertaan :
1. Ceritakan kepada kami kasut impian anda di blog ataupun di facebook.
- Anda boleh melakar(sketch) sendiri kasut impian anda.
- Anda boleh mencari kasut impian anda dengan cara men'google'.

2. Ceritakan mengapa anda memilih kasut impian tersebut?**done

3. Anda perlu link blog Absolutelygorgeous By Amy(http://absolutelygorgeousbyamy.blogspot.com/) di blog anda.**done
(jika tiada blog, anda boleh membuat Notes di Facebook)

4. Anda perlu menjadi sebahagian daripada kami iaitu perlulah LIKE di Absolutelygorgeous By Amy fan page.**done

4. Email kepada kami link entri atau Notes tersebut ke absolutelygorgeousbyamy@gmail.com

Syarat-syarat penyertaan :
1. Terbuka kepada semua warganegara Malaysia.
2. Penyertaan bermula pada 14 Mei 2011 sehingga 15 Jun 2011.
3. Keputusan akan diumumkan melalui Facebook, dan juga email.

I want a dream shoes that would be perfect for my wedding. So I've decided to give a try..Eh da nak due date da rupanya!
Since am not gud in sketching, I’ve started googling...

The design:
 A covered platformed based with open toe shoe design with 3” heel. Basically the design would be something like this:

I prefer something wearable so that I can move here and there comfortably during my wedding day. We will spend almost 4 - 5 hours with shoes on feet not to include outdoor session shoot! So wearing a comfortable one is a must!  For the heel, I am not that tall, so 3” heel I guessed it would be perfect for me.

The material:
The most basic part of the shoes will be covered by ivory white satin. It would be attractive if I can have  a shocking pink lace embellished at the back of the shoes. While the crystal detailing at the peep toe make it looks elegant.. 

The color:
I choose ivory white since it shows purity and the sacred concept of the wedding itself. The shocking pink lace show the romantic love is in the air...heeeee plus my wedding dress  might be in that color too. Personally, I think white + shocking pink  always blends together! Da bole imagine da skit2 cana nanti... :)

The overall look of the shoes:
It should be classic look, yet elegant not only visually! but bring a sense of femininity and confidence in me during my wedding day.

Hehehe, Cik Amy, thats the story of my wedding shoes that I can imagine so far..

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