Thursday, 19 January 2012

Alhamdullilah! settle Majlis Bertandang at His Side..

Alhamdullilah, settle sudah majlis bertandang at his side. Entah kenapa for this time around I felt happy & satisfied. Maybe because I was surrounded with people I loved (family & friends).. most friends turned out here not at mine @ Mersing. Maybe I got my dream color (blue turquoise) at his side? Plus weather was very nice to us!Pastu ada pelamin kut...hahaha

Like I mentioned before, there will be no pelamin due to budget constraint, luckily at the very last minute, 3 days before the event, my make up artist (Kak Mimie), offered me a very good deal which is inevitable..(erkkk sesuai ke guna word tu..hahaha). I discussed with him and without hesitate terus sealed the deal with her..On Wednesday, we discussed how the pelamin would be like, only a simple one and theme would be blue turquoise.

And pelamin turned out very nice. We all bersanding about 10-15min mcm tu je, xde merenjis pun..Pelamin was fully used for photography purposes! I like!!!

I like Kak Mimie service & love so much the make up! Nampak natural n sgt kemas je :) (for me la, org lain I x tau :p) Beside, I suka simple2 je xde crown bagai pun even rambut just groomed into simple sanggul supaya nampak kemas :) She make up I guesedd around 30-45min kut or less..Cepat je kan? Even the make up rasa very light je..If pics ready from photog I upload kat sini nanti :)

Bila sesekali bukak blog ni, then I noticed ada a few followers kt blog yg x seberapa ni..hehehe...thanks uolss..Nanti sy add ur link..

Friday, 30 December 2011

Baju is Ready :)

Wehuuuu excited sbb:

Reception dress for bertandang (myself and him) are ready, so yest da pegi fitting baju...n sgt suka! it just minor alteration for him, sbb katanya seluar nmpak mcm senteng..n mine nk tambah beading..dateline by 6th Jan..yeayyyyy x sbr nk tgk outcome!

And ptg ni after work, nak pegi kedai utk book make up n tnya pelamin if its within our budget..if not mayb amik make up je kut..

Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Blog Bersawang

Aha! almost 2 months blog ni x update..angan2 nak story mory psl wedding preparation pn habuk xde..

Tapi alhamdullilah, majlis berjalan lancar eventhough heavy raining all the way..Of course ada a few things yang x berapa nak best (which I expected) from the beginning..but again da lepas da...And now I am preparing for majlis at his side..Not very much prep pn since his parent take care almost everything..And event pun simple je..Xde sanding2 pun..only for makan2..

For majlis at his side, we all pakai baju yg simple2 je..hehehe..he will wear baju melayu sbb die mmg xnak pakai baju2 pengantin first I thought nak sewa je baju..but then since he already tempah his baju melayu then I pun beli kain pasang utk buat baju kurung moden..only simple kurung moden with lace..kang klw sewa baju color x matching pulak..Luckily we have our own tailor, been loyal to the tailor since my engagement dress last year..We tempah baju a week before my event @13/12 and baju expected to be ready on end of Dec..OK lah tu kn..heeee..After fitting then baru boleh buat beading..pun wif the same tailor..

Thursday, 22 September 2011

Weather oh Weather

Adoiii, mmg x tau la nk mengamuk ke apa..ku sangka panas hingga ke ptg, rupanya hujan lebat di pagi hari..!

My scheduled photoshoot ended up a bit stressful..If update previously hati berbunga2 je kn, (yelah sbb nk amik gamba) tp tulah kuasa Allah namanya, padahal this week hujan biasa ptg, but on that day hujan turun dengan selebat- lebatnya...Mmg rasa nk menangis bila G. i Photoshoot ckp in most cases i.e. heavy raining, they will not drag the session, customer will cancel n redeem back e voucher or replace wif studio photoshoot...

45min passed by we only sat in the car praying for miracle to be happened...bengang bkn sbb weather sgt pn.. tp sbb da make up, pastu amik cuti for this..rasanya alternative solution yg photographer suggest tu mcm lame gila! I guessed thats e reason I waited for 45min in the car juz want to see how they deal with this..Aku mmg da pissed off gila da time tu...

Suddenly, Izwan (the photographer) suggested to shoot at Keretapi Tanah Melayu (KTM).. well nk buat outdoor mmg x boleh, to find another venue mmg x dpt lah sbb last we decided to go wif the flow...pose la depan2 org ramai kt KTM..luckily it was weekday so not many people around...dptla amik a few tgk je lah hasilnya nnti..Mana la tau kn sbb pakai kamera mahal jd cantik pulak pic2 tu..hahahaha, OK toksah BERANGAN!


Thursday, 15 September 2011

Pre Wedding Photoshoot- Update

This coming Mon I've booked my slot for pre- wedding photoshoot with G. i Photoshoot.. (the voucher from Groupon). Honestly, I don't have any idea on what to wear, what's the theme..but the venue will be at Taman Tasik Perdana. Why? because it juz 15-20mins time from our home & shooting will b start at 9am for 2 hours..Secondly, we are simple & kind of laid back couple, if we our self  x pandai pose then the surrounding nature will be our life saver! green nature, pokok2, rumput2 always look perfect in the photo kan?hehehe

I intentionally booked at 9am, he also agreed (in fact he's e one suggested), because weather is uncertain lately esp in the afternoon hujan kilat sabung menyabung :P. Beside, I've to rush for HIV test at e afternoon, see...? semua buat last min... :(

If shoot pagi2, the sun kan tgh lawa time tu, mcm baru nak naik kan..pastu pagi kn fresh je.. Ermmm no need to cerita panjang2 we'll see the outcome ye nnti.. (dear weather, pls be nice to us!)

Taman Tasek Perdana

Saturday, 13 August 2011

Our Baju Nikah Is Ready!

This morning I smsed Kak Siti, tailor yg buat our baju nikah..Actually bukan nk tnya psl baju nikah pun, because our event will be in Dec n she promised early Nov baju are ready..I nak tnya psl baju kurung moden coz I also ordered a few kebaya + kurung moden (utk pakai saja2) which I hantar together..

Then she called, she said all baju are ready include our baju nikah..BESTnya!!! Only to jahit butang je.. But I will collect after 24th la kut since x gaji lg..hehehe..At least less things to worry bout e prep..Fuhhhh

Friday, 12 August 2011

Wedding Theme

Pecaya x? i havent decided my wedding date, it supposed in December this year, and now already 4 months left..And I dun even prepare anything pun...There's too many things inside my head..Hopefully after Raya I can sorted out everything. Nak update blog pun x sempat.. Beside, I dun have anything to update since ZERO preparation. A few to do list that I considered a VIP one:

Wedding date: TBC with parent, balik raya ni nk discuss
Urusan doc. Pejabat Agama + HIV test: end of September
Survey Butik Kawen: this raya nk g survey semua yg ada kt Kluang, discuss pelamin + baju..kedai bukak kah?...erkkk
Photographer: did some survey, has communicated with 1 potential photographer, need to confirm with him. Pre wedding with G.i Photoshoot which I x confirm date lg bila nk shoot..Teruk betul!
Door gift: still thinking what to give, but will do on my own..gila byk nk buat sendiri...erkkkk
Catering: parent will decide
Invitation card: da tempah juz waiting for the details from our side..n to give them layout for bunting..

I realize what I like abut blog is the fact that I can easily get useful info, review, wedding idea & tips from b2b bloggers (at e moment, b2b bloggers are my frequent visit) ...SUKA..hehe. And through Nur I got my wedding color theme. She brings me to The Perfect Pallette . Suka la this blog sbb tebukak skit minda n tgk memacam color..LAWA!

And here we go MY WEDDING THEME :) yeahhh!!

I prefer bright pink/fuschia/purple n combination with soft palette. I asked him yest then dia kata xnak pink2 sbb girlie sgt..die prefer purple..So i pictured something like this :)

While his side maybe turqoise blue/aqua/ light green (hahaha berangan, kot mak dia ada theme sendiri?)...

Oh our baju nikah pulak grey, n I want  for our solemnization day to be surrounded with these colors..hantaran of course!

for him

for me